Community of Practice



By 2020, a vibrant self-identified network of CI social scientists will connect CI to the latest insights from the social sciences, facilitate the application of social science methods, and foster more effective and equitable interventions. 

Despite increased awareness of the social dimensions of conservation, many CI staff do not have sufficient access to the technical expertise and resources needed to effectively integrate social science insights and methodologies into their work. Building a Community of Practice will enable staff to strengthen their knowledge and skills in the social sciences by supporting collaboration and connecting staff to internal and external technical experts, tools, protocols, and methods. Integrating a robust understanding of the social sciences into conservation initiatives is critical to their success, as well as to achieving CI’s organizational priorities and supporting its Rights-Based Approach. 


Increase access across CI to the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for applying key social science insights and methodologies in our work. 

Ensure that CI has access to the financial resources and knowledge necessary for maintaining a conservation social science community of practice. 


Images © Conservation International/photo by Sara Barbour