By 2020, widely practiced strategies will ensure and support the active participation of all relevant stakeholders in CI’s work, leading to more legitimate and equitable governance, better conservation outcomes, and increased benefits to stakeholders. 

Despite an increased focus in recent years on the importance of inclusive and equitable environmental governance processes, participation in decision making for many conservation stakeholders remains one of passive information-sharing rather than active, empowered engagement. Effective stakeholder engagement ensures that conservation interventions are legitimate, just, and informed by those who are affected.  The Stakeholder Engagement Initiative will build on CI’s experiences to further develop and support the broad application of best practices for identifying and empowering key stakeholders to actively participate in conservation decision-making. This initiative will produce targeted research, tools and guidelines to support effective and equitable stakeholder engagement, resulting in increased capacity among CI staff and partners to achieve CI’s organizational priorities, including its Rights-based Approach.


Advance scientific understanding of key issues in stakeholder engagement.

Embed research insights within CI stakeholder engagement practices.

Build the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to engage in conservation decision making among key stakeholder groups.

Build the knowledge, skills, and abilities of CI staff and key partners to support empowered, equitable stakeholder engagement.



Images © Cristina Mittermeir